Disgustingly good photo quality

Putting Nokia’s claim to the test of the photo quality of their top-end Lumia phones.

To my amazement (at the camera quality of the Nokia Lumia 925) and to my disgust (at the cleanliness of the keyboard) the photo quality of the Nokia Lumia 925 is undeniably as good as the keyboard in need of a good cleaning (or replacement)

Macro shot of a dirty keyboard shot with a Lumia 925

click for full-res photo

Nokia Lumia 520 pricing

The Lumia 520 has become available or is ready for pre-order in a number of markets. Here is a summary of the pricing.

  • Thailand, Jaymart, THB 5850 (USD 200)
  • Germany, Amazon.de, EUR 199 (USD 259); pre-order only
  • UK, Amazon.co.uk, GBP 163 (USD 248)
  • Vietnam, Lazada, VND 3,849,000 (USD 192)

Just like for the Lumia 720 if you want to find a good deal you need to head to Southeast Asia. This time you can choose Thailand or Vietnam. Even with the currencies being very strong, there are still great bargains for mobile phones.

Nokia Lumia 928, Lumia Catwalk, Lumia EOS rumoured

There are quite a few speculations going around with regards to new Nokia Lumia phones.

What do we know so far?

Lumia 928 is the supposedly Lumia 920 for Verizon. After AT&T had exclusivity on the device in the US it will finally be released to Verizon. There isn’t any indication yet that a similar device would be launched on T-Mobile, like the Lumia 810 derivative of the 820. In previous reports the Lumia 928 and Catwalk were mixed up to be the same device but it seems that they are definitely two distinct devices. (Source: @evleaks, Techcrunch)

Lumia Catwalk seems to be a lighter and thinner version of the Lumia 920 and a real new phone rather than the Lumia 928 which is merely the Lumia 920 for Verizon. While this has been rumoured a while ago by The Verge already more detailed specs have now been leaked via @flapic. The phone is poised to be announced on 15th May. Maybe the Catwalk will be the Lumia 950.

Which leaves us with the Nokia EOS of which little is known. The EOS seems to be the Windows Phone 8 version of the Nokia 808 Pureview with a top-end camera rivalling even DSLRs. A first impression surfaced not too long after the original 808 was revealed at Mobile World Congress 2012 and Nokia had already decided to put all it’s eggs into the Windows Phone basket. The Nokia EOS might then be the Lumia 1000 and come with a similar 41MP sensor as the 808. (more sources: Techradar,

Anyone having any ideas. Feel free to comment.