Nokia Lumia 930 now available

The Nokia Lumia 930 is now officially available on Nokia’s Vietnamese website. The price is VND 13m which is equivalent to EUR 448 or USD 610 at today’s rates.

That’s one of the cheapest prices we have seen for the Lumia 930 globally so far. In comparison the phone is offered on for EUR 550, a whopping 100 more.

Lumia 930 on Nokia Vietnam website


Nokia X Pricing

The new Android based Nokia X, X+ and XL are already priced on

The X will set you back EUR 109, the X+ EUR 119 and for another EUR 10 extra you will get the Nokia XL.

This makes the X range 30 Euros more expensive then the top of the Asha line (Asha 503 at EUR 89).

Interestingly this competes head-on with the Lumia 520 at EUR 119. It will be interesting to see if consumers opt for Android based or Windows Phone based offerings at this price point.




Disgustingly good photo quality

Putting Nokia’s claim to the test of the photo quality of their top-end Lumia phones.

To my amazement (at the camera quality of the Nokia Lumia 925) and to my disgust (at the cleanliness of the keyboard) the photo quality of the Nokia Lumia 925 is undeniably as good as the keyboard in need of a good cleaning (or replacement)

Macro shot of a dirty keyboard shot with a Lumia 925

click for full-res photo