Vote now! We need an Android phone with physical QWERTY keyboard!

The Android world seems to have all the niches covered. From high-end phones in glass, metal, wood, to low-budget phone in all shapes and sizes. But why is there no Android phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard? That’s an obvious niche that no one seems to have covered.

Granted, most people wouldn’t be faster on a physical QWERTY than on a virtual one and yes, the screen will inevitably be smaller and less comfortable to view. But there is a reason why people are still buying Blackberry’s and it’s not only because of loyalty to the company or the perceived security or enterprise mobility advantage. For me there is just something really enjoyable about typing on a real keyboard rather than swyping or tapping on a screen only.

So why hasn’t any manufacturer gotten this niche covered? I hope rumors are true and Blackberry is indeed building a phone with Android OS.

Let me know if you agree that the Android world is in need of a physical QWERTY phone by voting below.


2 thoughts on “Vote now! We need an Android phone with physical QWERTY keyboard!

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