The Force is strong with this one!

Let me make a disclaimer. I am writing this after having watched the live-stream of the Samsung event, read tens of articles and watched any hands-on and first impression video on Youtube that I could find. After that virtual experience once thing has become very clear. Samsung has launched a highly desirable phone with the Galaxy S6 Edge. If it wasn’t for the Edge stealing the show, even the S6 in itself would be a phone to lust for.

I am a smartphone-geek, not loyal to any brand or ecosystem. I have owned phones from pretty much any manufacturer from the main stream like HTC, Apple, Samsung to the lesser well known Chinese manufacturers. My current daily drivers are a Lumia 930 while also switching between a couple of Android phones (Moto X, Galaxy Alpha and Ascend P7).

During all those years there haven’t been many phones that I really needed to have. And I am talking about that illogical desire and need to just own a gadget. With the Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung has definitely achieved this feat. This really is a very desirable piece of technology. From the edged screen to the glass back and front and the sheer raw power of the device. This phone seems to have it all.

During the presentation the statement “design with a purpose” was mentioned multiple times. Actually, the S6 Edge is the complete opposite. There isn’t really any functionality that makes the edge version worthwhile functionally. But what it does is to create a really cool phone. So not design with a purpose but rather the complete opposite. And that’s a good thing.


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