Microsoft to take over Nokia on 18th June?

What will the big news be on 18th June?

Microsoft LogoNokia Logo

Microsoft and Nokia have independently scheduled big announcements for Monday, 18th June. Is it really a coincidence when both companies schedule press conferences/events for the same day?

While most analysts expect Microsoft to announce Windows 8 tablets and Nokia to announce a Windows Phone with Pureview (the 808 for Windows Phone) I am inclined to speculate that this will be an announcement of Microsoft to acquire a significant stake (if not all) of Nokia.

Some evidence that this may happen:

  • Nokia has prepared itself for a possible acquisition. Most of the hard decisions have been taken and the amount of negative news and predictions released by Nokia could be so that the acquisition price is lower and for Microsoft to start on a fairly clean sheet.
  • Nokia has just announced another 10,000 job cuts
  • Nokia has sold Vertu (since it wouldn’t have fit into the MS strategy of smartphones for the masses)
  • Nokia has issued very negative forward looking statements for Q2 and Q3

So all seems to be set for a Nokia takeover by Microsoft.

Please comment below with your views on this subject.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft to take over Nokia on 18th June?

  1. That would be so sad. Nokia should have joined the Android-camp 2008 and modified the OS just like Amazon has done with the Fire. They could even still have their own Ovi-store i Android. Now, they are doomed to be a hardware-OEM of MS-software. Profitabe? No?

  2. Personally I think that WP7 is the best mobile phone OS out there at the moment. While not yet quite as complete as iOS or Android, in terms of user experience, fluidity, battery life and the low hardware requirements it beats all the other OSs.
    Shame not more people are giving it a try.

  3. Ok, ok, I give in and eat ny words. Afterall it was “only” an announcement for Microsoft’s own tablet “Microsoft Surface” and the announcement of the availability if the 808 PureView in the US.
    Well, next time then as the Nokia Microsoft saga us not yet finished.


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