Building the Perfect Windows Business Phone

From Me
To Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia
Subject Building the perfect Windows Phone 7 Business Smartphone

Dear Stephen,

Here is a recommendation to building the perfect smartphone on the WP 7 platform that will cut right into the Blackberry audience and even Apple or Android wouldn’t have an answer to it. And who wouldn’t want to take market share from these eco-systems.

1: Form Factor of the Nokia E6

  • Touchscreen an QWERTY
  • Same built quality
  • Same size
  • Same battery life

2: Camera of the Nokia N8

  • Same as you will do for the E710, re-use the camera unit of the N8 incl. flash

3: Add the keyboard of the Blackberry 9790

  • Blackberry is unbeatable in the quality of their keyboards. The 9790 even beats the 9700/9780
  • Those slanted keys are just perfect  for typing and far superior to the domed keys of the E6/72/71

4: Add Windows Phone 7

  • Strip it down a bit to ensure the screen real estate of the E6 can be met

And there you go, the perfect business phone.


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