A bad year for crazy leaders!

2011 has been an exceptionally bad year for crazy (or near to crazy) world leaders or otherwise influential people.

The selection criteria are mainly based on the fact that the person shouldn’t have been (or be) in the position they are in, stepped down, is just plain crazy or just doesn’t/didn’t know when their time has come to step down.

Overall 2011 has been a pretty good (or bad depends on which side you are on) year. Let’s hope the rest will go down sometime soon too.

Al Awlaki
Anwar Al Awlaki
Status: Killed
Bashar Al Assad
Status: In Office
Ben Ali
Abidine Ben Ali
Status: Ousted
Silvio Berlusconi
Status: Ousted
Muammar Gaddafi
Status: Killed
Kim Jong Il
Status: Dead
Usama Bin Ladin
Status: Killed
Hosni Mubarak
Status: Ousted
Vladimir Putin
Status: In Office
Ali Abdullah Saleh
Status: Ousted

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