Five Technology Predictions for the next 5 Years

Looking into that crystal ball of mine here are five technology predictions for the next 5 years.

1. Google forced to split up

Due to fears of many governments that one company is effectively controlling most of the publicly available information globally (or at least controlling the access to finding it), Google will be forced to split up. One privately managed technology company and one company for Google search. Google search will be forced to disclose it’s search algorithms and make it’s search history and data collection publicly available. The organisation will be supervised by a non-governmental organisation.

2. Facebook is dead

After having grown to over 3bn users and with 70% of the entire Internet userbase having an account, Facebook will effectively have become the Internet within the Internet. Once this has happened consumers will migrate off the platform to the next thing of online interaction

3. Tablet sales outstrip Notebooks

For the first year, more tablet computers than notebooks or desktops will be sold in 2016.

4. Apple’s slow decline

After a series of less successful product smartphone and computer launches than in it’s recent history, Apple is recording declining sales figures for the first time since Steve Jobs took control of the company again back in 1997

5. No more coins

The first country (or community) effectively ends the usage of coins as a legal tender token in favour of smartcard and other NFC enabled devices for micropayments across the country.

Source: My Crystal Ball

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